IFA 2018 : Acer to reveal laptop games Predator Triton 900 touch screen removable

آيسر تكشف لابتوب الألعاب Predator Triton 900 بشاشة لمس قابلة للحركة

Revealed today the company Acer about laptop games Predator Triton 900 at the IFA exhibition in the German capital Berlin, one of the most important properties enjoyed by the new device is its screen is impressive which is not the ability to move forward, to be close to the keyboard to distance the user sees fit, in addition to the fact that the screen Supports touch feature, which enables the process of converting the laptop for your tablet simply.

The screen resolution 4K UHD and equipped with G-Sync from Nvidia, which is working on the Sync screen refresh rate with the rate of frames per second, and help in getting rid of the problem of deflection and can the image, and fitted the device with aesir for the three-dimensional Aeroblade of the fourth generation, which the company replaced the blades Plastic the other metal, increasing the number of blades and change design allows to increase the air flow and reach the degree of cooling of the unprecedented device.

The device offers a full QWERTY keyboard, with touch panel Touchpad brings under its keypad illuminated, and the police light on any of the machine specification of the Interior for your type of graphics processor the user or the CPU, and also talk about the price or Launch Date for the moment.

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