IFA 2018 : ASUS unveils 5 laptops ZenBook the best design and the edges less

أسوس تكشف عن 5 لابتوبات ZenBook بتصميم أفضل وحواف أقل

Revealed the company ASUS at the IFA exhibition today, the International in Berlin for the last need of the laptops “laptop”, and launching 5 new devices of the series ZenBook. Where come by 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch.

Police fired on them the names; the ZenBook 13 (UX333) and the ZenBook 14 (UX433) and ZenBook 15 (UX533), in addition to devices converts ZenBook Flip 13 and ZenBook Flip 15 and they all come out the best design of clock with a smaller size and edges of the lower side of the screen makes it take up about 95% of the user interface, which means they became more attractive and easy to load and use.

Come devices with 3D cameras backed by infrared to help login to Windows via a property protection facial recognition Windows Hello, the next screen was 1080, with the exception of a 15-inch version that can increase accuracy to 4K.

It also comes with the latest version of the A series processors Intel the U the second generation revealed by the company yesterday, with graphics processors GeForce GTX 1050 the Max-Q of NVIDIA, next to the RAM memory 16 GB tablet internal storage type SSD is very fast in read and write data, which will be of course different capacities.

In the same context, the version that comes with a screen measuring 13 and 14 inches, will bring the smart panel in the touch panel in the devices, so that the small size of the devices makes it difficult to add a list of numbers side to the keyboard, so the company developed the smart panel can be converted to touch screen for numbers and handwriting, or make it as a mouse.

As a reminder, the new devices will be available for purchase next month, with prices starting from$ 900, without any details about the Processor options available in each version or storage capacity.

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