IFA 2018 : Lenovo announces a number of laptops and Yogi and Chrome book tablet

لينوفو تعلن عن عدد من لابتوبات وأجهزة يوغا وكروم بوك اللوحيةI got the Lenovo a lot of talk in the exhibition IFA 2018 in the German capital Berlin, revealed during her speech, a number of laptops new series of yoga, most notably your Yoga C630 WOS, yoga C930 system 2-1 with Intel processor. As is the case with several devices, Chrome Facebook.

And speaking of the first device Yoga C630 WOS, it comes with a processor Snapdragon 850 assigned to computers, which is the first device running this processor, but it is the second device from Lenovo works processors Snapdragon.

The device comes with a screen measuring 13.3 inches of type IPS and accurately FHD, a screen enjoying the feature of touch and backed with pens stylus. It also brings with it the choice of RAM size of 4 GB, 8 GB, in addition to the two options of internal storage space of 128 GB and 256 GB, it also supports slide device of the LTE communications. But the actor is its battery power that last up to 25 hours of work.

It can be said that this device offers speed in operations, but at the same time is suitable for things medium not large, it will be available in November with a starting price of 850$.

The device of the other Yoga C930 comes system 2-1 with a multitude of powerful advantages, where it comes with a screen measuring 13.9 inches, but with two types of precision (3840×2160 and 1920 he×1080), both of type IPS supported touch feature Dolby vision, as well as the Dolby Atmos sound. It also brings the device with a pen stylus.

As for the processor it comes in two versions; the processor Core i7-8550U or Core i5-8250U both from the second generation, next to the 3 options of RAM type DDR4 (8 GB memory, 12 GB, and 16 GB) and 4 options from the storage drive PCIe SSD (256 GB, and 512 GB, and 1 tempo, 2 tempo).

Recall that this device is running Windows 10, and can be converted easily into a tablet-like devices to Microsoft’s Surfce, and has a battery that can withstand even the 14.5 hours of work according to the company. The starting price of the device is of 1,400$ or more.

The previous device the smaller version as the Yoga Book C930, where comes value of 10.8-inch with the touch screen of type IPS and accurately to 1920X1080 supports ink technology E Ink, which means the possibility of converting the keyboard as a book.

It also comes processors the previous generation of Intel on a non-precedent, where the processors m3-7Y30 or i5-7Y54 with a RAM of 4 GB and internal storage space up to 256 GB type SSD.

The device offers support for pens Wacom Active Pen and its battery is around 8.5 hours, according to police.

لينوفو تعلن عن عدد من لابتوبات وأجهزة يوغا وكروم بوك اللوحية

As for the rest of the Lenovo devices, they are Yoga S730 which is largely similar to devices MacBook Air but running Windows 10, and this device as an improved version of the same properties of the previous version of the S720.

Away from devices running Windows, there were a number of devices running Chrome, the first being Yoga Chromebook, which comes with specifications to compete pixel MacBook comes at a price of$ 600, where it comes with a screen 15.6-inch (3840 x 2160 or 1920 x 1080) processor Core i5 Intel RAM 8 GB with a storage space of 64 or 128 GB

Also announced Lenovo device Yoga Chromebook other specs less, a C330 which comes with the system 2-1 with the touch screen measuring 11 inches. In the There was an additional device in the same system but with a screen of 14 inches and comes on behalf of the S330, all of them come with a processor MediaTek memory RAM 4 GB with 32 or 64 internal storage space, i.e., they resemble each other to a large extent away from Size.

However, the first device comes with touch which is what makes its price to$ 280, despite its small size, comes second without a touch screen and is priced at 250$.


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