IFA 2018 : Lenovo unveils laptop ThinkPad X1 Extreme specifications characteristic

لينوفو تكشف عن لابتوب ThinkPad X1 Extreme بمواصفات مميزة

Lenovo announced a large number of laptops and tablets running Windows and Chrome during the conference at the IFA exhibition in 2018 in the German capital Berlin, but far away from those devices that we wrote about, has launched laptop ThinkPad X1 Extreme the owner of the big advantages of.

And when we say Large, the device offers many advantages that outweigh the needs of most users, as it comes with Intel second generation Core i7 series Coffee Lake and custom high hardware specifications, and carries with it the memory RAM up to 64 GB type DDR4 memory and internal storage space up to 2 Terra bytes option of PCIe TLC & SATA or the option to PCIe SSD the most speed in the read and write data, in addition to graphics GeForce 1050 Ti from Nvidia with the processing unit external to assist in major operations on the device such as a video editing or games etc.

The new device screen also provides multi-touch LED 15.6 inch but it will be a choice; where women first come accurately FHD and clearly (1920 1080x), in comes the second version strictly UHD in a manner other 4K clearly (3840x 2160) with support for Dolby Vision, and both of type IPS.

The device also contains a sound system to Dolby Atmos, the battery has up to 13 hours of work and can charge 80% in just one hour according to the company.

In addition, it needs a system of dual fans for cooling and prevent overheating. don’t even stop, and two USB 3.1 next port ThunderBolt 3, and port for memory cards, one HDMI 2.0.

Of course, the Lenovo the new Windows 10 by pro pre-installed on the device, which is what makes it contains a protection system to recognize the face of Microsoft Windows Hello, next to it contains a property protection with the fingerprint of the finger.

And speaking of the price of the ThinkPad X1 Extreme it will start from$ 1860 will be launched in September.

Recall that there is a separate version of him will be available in the end of the year but the stronger, as coming with Intel second generation Core i9 of the same chain of Coffee Lake.

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