IFA 2018 : LG announces a series of screens UltraGear allocated for uses games

إل جي تعلن عن سلسلة شاشات UltraGear المخصصة لاستخدامات الألعاب

I took the LG Korean place today at the IFA technology businesses in Berlin, German, and unleashed the events of the organs – of course away from the smart phones, it revealed a plan to screen the UltraGear size of 34 inches and intended uses of games.

Owns a new safety screen of the type IPS with dimensions of 21:9 and the accuracy of 3440X1440, and come up with techniques to support processors NVIDIA and AMD even offer a better experience to users, as the technology supports the latest gaming devices such as the aesir, which means that the user will get a unique experience and no matter what was asked.

The company has launched two versions of the screens; they are 34GK950G and 34GK950F it can be said that they are identical when viewed, that the first screen comes with the slower up to 120 GHz supporting Nvidia G-Sync, while the second frequency to 144 GHz with the support processor Radeon FreeSync 2 from AMD.

Speaking about their shape, they come in arched accidental, as they contain the edges of the very small. In addition, they contain USB 3.0 ports, HDMI 1.4 as well as DisplayPort 1.2, as well as to prevent a power outlet for headphones 3.5 mm.

Recall, that the company did not announce any additional details about the screens, especially the price and launch date.

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