IFA 2018: ZTE showed a breakthrough smartphone in case of smart watches

Chinese brand Nubia, owned by the Corporation ZTE presented its first smartphone to be worn on the wrist called Alpha. The device is made in the form factor of hours, having a flexible display, offers enough useful space to interact with the operating system interface.

If you believe the press renderam shared by the manufacturer, the display Nubia Alpha will be outside the case, taking a few inches on each side of the bracelet. How will this affect the ease of use, time will tell, but most likely this is just a demonstration of the technology, rather than more.

Best wrist smartphone?

The manufacturer did not disclose details about the hardware equipment of the product, noting that its display is made on OLED technology, and with support for 4G and front camera the user can not only carry out the usual calls and videoconference with the participation of several interlocutors.

In addition, it is known that Nubia Alpha will be able to take pictures in high quality, and handled in a special way, the proximity sensor will adjust the screen brightness so that it is not black under the sunlight. It seems that the last function will be the most useful, given the custom form factor of the device.

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