iFixit has exposed the new MacBook Pro a score of 1 for maintainability and confirmed the presence of new keyboard anti-dust

Specialists iFixit have begun to understand a new laptop Apple MacBook Pro a few days ago. Prior to the publication of his usual material about disassembly and maintainability, they published a short note.

It said that the new Apple laptops, I guess it’s solved the problem with breaking dust keyboards. I wrote about it here. In particular, for these purposes, the company used a silicone membrane.

In General, iFixit has finished with the laptop. First, they gave him 1 point out of 10 for repairability. But this is not surprising, as Apple has long been all bad with this indicator. Yes, everything inside is beautifully located on a small printed circuit Board, but to replace or repair something is almost impossible.

Second, iFixit checked the keyboard. To do this, they took the balloon glow under UV paint and sprayed it on a new laptop. More precisely, if I understand correctly, they somehow mixed the paint with dust, but the details are not specified. In General, as you can see in the photo, almost all the dust really settles on the membranes.

It is impossible to say exactly how the membrane protects, but the fact remains: a new keyboard in varying degrees, protected from dust. By the way, recently also appeared infa about an internal document by Apple, which the company extended by authorised service centres. There is also clearly indicated that the membrane is designed to protect from dust.

It also appeared that the membrane of one uniform for the entire keyboard. In addition, Apple redid the mounting caps and caps, so they are now much easier to remove. In General, Apple have done, that fixed the problem, but not the fellows that did not recognize the problem fully. Also Claudia, as it became known, will not be used to repair old MacBook Pro, that’s too bad.

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