IFixit team disassembles headphones Galaxy Buds Live, emphasizes the ease of fixed


The iFixit team specialized in the dismantling of the devices and assess the ease of fix, this time to undertake the process of dismantling the comprehensive Ear Wireless the new Galaxy Buds Live from Samsung to see how easily repaired.

At the end of the process of the dismantling, discovered the iFixit team it’s easy to fix headphones Galaxy Buds Live so give her ratings 8 out of 10 in the index of reform note that the 1 in this indicator means that the reform difficulty indicator 10 easy fix. According to the team iFixit, it was discovered that it’s easy to replace the battery in these headphones if you have the tools and follow the guide, as shown below.

The battery found in the Galaxy Buds Live a rechargeable battery with 0.2 Wh per shipment. Is a normal battery, and you can find it online, although that wasn’t as easy as it was before. Inform the strength of the battery inside the enclosure itself 1.81 Wh, this means they are larger than those in the +Galaxy Buds. Generally, here’s the full video of the process of disassembly below :

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