IFixit team says the dismantling of the iPhone 11 pro

Today, the iFixIt team to get the iPhone 11 Pro so they can dismantle it as usual to discover the internal blocks and how it is arranged and also discover techniques that are supported by the phone through the sensors or the processors own internal.

The first thing mentioned by the IFixit team is they got on the phone in dark green Midnight Green this while they mentioned that Hutts comes Green actually far completely grey where to the prototypes of the phone inspired us to B his slash ash.

When it was open the phone found that the battery of your phone installed using three different screws which is a large number however, the panel stated that removing the battery and replacing it will be easy just in case that from the content. On the other hand battery is connected to the rest of the iPhone is the same connector for two different and that would be evidence of a feature of Bilaterial Charging that did not appear yet in the system iOS 13.

As for reverse charging unfortunately it seems that it does not exist where that circle wireless charging on the phone is similar to pretty much that which was in the iPhone XS Max and even though she got on the adjustments but it does not seem that the phone will be supporting this feature in general.

On either side of the water resistant phone iPhone 11 comes with the same hardware that was present in the XS but it’s got significant improvements as we know the phone will handle water pressure up to 4 meters deep and 2 meters just as it was in the previous generation.

Source: SlashGear

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