IGTV is the application of the Instagram, the independent video vertical long


As expected, announced Instagram today announced the launch of a new independent claim IGTV. It aims to re-imagine videos mobile and compete with the likes of YouTube in this aspect. Will stop IGTV as a standalone application use a separate app Instagram basic. When users Sign In, start playing videos vertical immediately from the people who follow them. Will also give suggestions from users of Instagram to others.

Will be the video clips format my head, and since it will work as soon as you open the app, then users are forced to filter or search for anything to start. Will continue to focus on establishing who love their users more and already on Instagram. Anyone can create content to develop the IGTV Lift videos via the app or on the web.

In a step that looks like it is designed to steal the vloggers ( Vloggers ) on YouTube, will be able creators of the upload videos directly to Instagram. It will be possible for content creators to key post videos of up to 60 minutes, but will be able to all content creators in the beginning of posting videos up to 10 minutes. You Instagram that he will in the end for all users to post videos of unlimited length.


Will not undermine the application of the IGTV display any ads at all, but its only a matter of time before the appearance of the ads here too. Says Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, said this will be ” a good place to finish it ” for IGTV. You will be issued with application of the IGTV of the independent today on the platform Android and iOS.



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