IKEA company doubled its efforts and focus more on the development of more smart home devices


Over the years, we have seen company IKEA adds a variety of smart home products to their products. Started by lamps attached to the sun integrated wireless, bulbs, smart speakers smart. However, it seems that the company intends to do so much more in the future.

In fact, in the declaration issued by the company recently revealed that it will create a new division in the company named IKEA Home Smart, which is the section which will focus on the development of smart home products. According to the head of the new section in IKEA company in Sweden, Mr. Björn Block, it has stated by saying : ” in the company of IKEA we want to continue to provide products for a better life at home for many people who are looking to progress. In order to do this, we need to explore the products and solutions beyond the household furniture traditional “.

He added : ” by working with all other departments within the company IKEA, will be section of the new IKEA Home Smart on driving digital transformation for IKEA, improve and transform current businesses and develop new projects to provide smart products more versatile for many people. We’re just getting started “.

It remains to be seen what types of smart home products new can we expect from the company IKEA, but until now, smart home devices first the company has got positive reviews in often, thanks largely to its ability to bear the costs as well as compatibility with platforms such as HomeKit, a subsidiary of Apple.

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