I’m sorry, Satoshi: interest in Bitcoin has dropped to the lowest in three years

In August the number of requests to Google on the Bitcoin exchange rate fell to the lowest level in three years. This writes the CCN , citing data from Google Trends.

Google Trends allows users to see the popularity of individual search queries by users worldwide. By using the service, you can find out the interest level to a particular person or event.

The growth of interest in Bitcoin from 2013 to 2017 looks like a flat surface on which sometimes there are “spikes” — small bursts of interest in bitcoin first. However, this changed dramatically in may 2017, when Bitcoin rose sharply and quite quickly reached the level of 20 thousand dollars. From 24 to 30 Dec, the search engine has registered the largest number of queries.

In February 2018, the frequency of search queries has dropped by half since Bitcoin fell by almost two times. Then, the request rate has maintained steady downward trend, interrupted by a short-term surge of interest in the first cryptowall from 10 to 16 July 2018, when the rate of coins for the first few months has significantly gone up.

Now the level of interest in Bitcoin is 7 out of 100 — the lowest value of this indicator from July 2017, and may soon fall to levels 2015, the newspaper notes.

In early August , information appeared about the factthat companies BitPay, and GoCoin Coinify, which in September last year processed transactions Bitcoin to 411 million dollars in may, has conducted operations only in $ 69 million.

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