iMac ABC…

Classic iMac translucent plastic housing and amazing charm, and Steve jobs is an amazing and unusual ideas about how to name the computers and their modifications. Model classic iMac’s encrypted “ABC”…

We present to your attention the fourth part of a series of articles about the iMac. Previous parts you can find on the pages (part 1, part 2, part 3)

In my humble opinion, jobs was wrong. Distinct model designation or modification of the computer helps to avoid unnecessary words. And if full model name of the computer are on the case, it is easier to understand what we are dealing with.

Of course, if the name consists of ten digits and mysterious alphabetic indexes. Although at some times and in some contexts these are the names given to producers of high-tech advantage over “Amateurs”. Remember The Apple Lisa?

iMac is one of the most beloved creations of Steve (the other Apple) and therefore he was not allowed to debase case letters with numbers. Only iMac. The rest is figured out for yourself.

Obstinacy Steve, if you believe the media, had no boundaries. If you do not believe the media and judge by his deeds, he always took into account reasonable arguments. Therefore, different models of the iMac, after all, publications and technical documentation designated the “version numbers”. More precisely, alphabetical indexes of the audit. iMac Rev. A. for example. But the letters on the body is sacred.

In 2010, one of the experts on iMac failed a cathode-ray tube, and in 2010 it was already fatal. By the way, the CRT in the iMac G3, the one which is the “best in the world”, was the second by instability element of the structure. The first was the hatch “port Bay”, he was off a year or two. Expert decided to open the instance of the deceased and found something interesting.

iMac Rev. A

Almost certainly it’s not the iMac that Steve jobs presented to the public on 6 may 1998 at the Flint Center in San Francisco. Remember, Steve in a Tux, but no bowtie and no John Scully around? May 6, 1998 was the release of the miracle of the computer, the engineers and testers were still three months perfecting the device and troubleshoot the inevitable problems. A third of the time allotted for the development of the iMac.

In late may or early June of 1998, Steve has assembled at the extraordinary meeting all the top managers of the company. In the room or even more likely, a small meeting room the tables were set up all the samples of several prototype iMac and first aid kit.

Steve gave top managers the RAM and asked them to upgrade equipment, standing on tables. First aid kit took all except John Rubinstein. No injuries to cope with this task no one else could. In the style of Joseph Stalin, Steve jobs asked only one question: “do You understand?”

According to Steve, all the user has to do with his computer, should exclude the possibility of error, damage or computer chips, and injuries, even if the user is not very smart.

In the sale received already the iMac Rev. A, it was his tormented friends and foes, and just curious, and the lack of it is found. It turned out that at maximum resolution 15-inch screen 1024×768, the iMac loses the ability to display “millions of colors”. Only a few thousand. And jobs were not warned about this!

It was true, but not all. In Rev. A used graphics card an ATI Rage IIc, and the amount of pre-installed RAM was only 2 Megs. The memory was located on the daughter card iMac, it could easily raise up to 4 or 6 Megabytes.

Problems and issues occurred, but, as far as I know, no one has returned the iMac to the manufacturer, even when sales returned to normal and the queues have disappeared.

The autopsy iMac Rev. A, fades into…

Rick Myslewski can be called an expert on the iMac. The very first Bondi Blue (the color of the first iMac, but in the name of the beach area in Australia near Sydney, where the ocean is exactly the same color, though not always) he bought 15 August 1998. Managed to chat with John Rubinshtejnom. In a year or two in his family had settled three iMac’and later revisions. The first iMac he sold a year or two, purchased new and then replaced it.

In 2010, he proposed “original iMac”, that is, iMac Rev. A, an exact copy of the former he once, in working order for twenty dollars. Nostalgia Rick did not suffer – he really wanted to disassemble the iMac Rev. A and to describe experiences.

In the box iMac, thick book with instructions was not. Of course, because of the great jobs of the promised computer, that instructions are not needed. In the box was a thin pamphlet with pictures, which was not a word about how to open the iMac.

Instead of the books included were almost a dozen bright and beautiful colored CD, in particular, and the documentation to the computer, two disk games, software for personal finances Quicken program to facilitate the preparation of tax declarations, Apple Works, and something else. In Russian specifications too, it was something interesting, but I don’t remember.

Returning to the injury, it can be noted that computers “all-in-one” cathode ray tube such documentation is vital. CRT is not only a powerful source of heat in the body, it is also a consumer of high voltage. If you do not follow safety measures, the consequences could be bad, but in his case, the CRT has been de-energized and the danger was gone.

To open the device was as promised and the instructions on the Apple CD, it is easy and safe. Only one screw, disconnect a few cables, the rest leaves a “skid”. Under the rest was understood, and a daughter Board with the memory. And it turned out that this is not a iMac Rev. A and iMac Rev. B.

Instead of the ATI Rage IIc that Rick was expecting to see on a child card was an ATI Rage PRO.

iMac Rev. B

Strange but true: the iMac and in fact was very important for Apple. “Revision A.” stayed on the market for very long. 17 October 1998, on the “Revision B”. Same case, same price, hard disk capacity into the same 4 Gigabytes, the same 32 megabytes of internal memory.

By the way, banks RAM was more now, if you only use the chips, “approved” by Apple, it can be expanded up to 256 MB (instead of 128 in Rev. A), and if you do not suffer prejudice, even up to 512 Megabytes.

But the most important, noticeable a normal user change there were millions of colors in the screen resolution to 1024×768. Now used the ATI Rage PRO and the amount of internal memory have been 6 MB. Detractors immediately responded, as now in iMac to increase the amount of graphics memory has become impossible.

That would be about us (the users) cared so much, these days…

To be continued

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