IMac Core i3 March 2013

About this Mac nobody (except those for whom it was intended) was not supposed to know, not for reasons of secrecy, it was considered that iMac for educational institutions outside of its target audience not interesting to anyone. But the public found out about it… the Public found out about this iMac, and did not hide his negative opinion. Accusations that the iMac was painfully similar to the experiences of beetles on Thumbelina at social events insects: “God, she has only two legs and no mustache!”

In the configuration and price of the new iMac, there was nothing accidental. Approaches problem solving in the Cookie has changed. Unpredictability and improvisation are gone. And with them gone, the charm and charisma. Poetry was succeeded by prose – but solid and high quality. Last bit sorry, but – that’s life.

Tim cook was “cooler” Steve the ability to do everything “right”, assessing each step, and before terms of reference for the development of a new iMac was approved, employees in the education group, Apple held dozens of meetings with representatives of the target audience – experts, IT-specialists school districts.

That is, the decision about the “number of legs and presence or absence of whiskers” were not taken from the ceiling to take into account the real needs and opinions of real people. And suddenly these “God, she’s…”

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Power and design in school lyrics

Externally and internally, it was almost the same 2012 iMac with a screen diagonal of 21.5 inches (54.6 cm), with the marketing slogan “Power and design. To the maximum.”

Partly this slogan, like all the fruits of marketing creativity, a lie. Partly.

Compared to the “civilian” counterpart, the school of the iMac lost some luster, but nevertheless was an option of a computer “all-in-one”, recognized as the best in its class not only fans of the platform, but her haters.

For $ 1099 in early 2013 it was possible to get (even without an educational discount) two “all-in-one” from other manufacturers, exceeding his specifications and amount of the components used, or three laptops from Acer. So, I’m not even going to repeat the obvious truth.

“Mocking discount” of $ 200 and replace the discrete graphics to integrated in the school the option iMac13,1 has been strengthened design. When you build it use the most robust components – he had a dangerous and honorable mission in a world where a raging hormonal storm, and the inhabitants were prone to rash actions.

The shortcomings of the original model is also still there. Replacement disc, SSD or RAM turned into a dangerous adventure. All connectors located on the back side of the case, the stand is not adjustable height. But none of that mattered, however, for which it was intended, he did a hundred.

And when its life (according to the “poor” school districts) expired and was replaced purchased even more sophisticated computers, “retirees” was put up on the secondary market – and quickly found new owners.

Are still used today, compatible with the Mojave, the reviews are positive.

Without lyrics

Heart school iMac was a 2-Core Intel Core i3 3.3 GHz (i3-3225), with 3 MB cache in the third level, does not support Turbo Boost. But with support for HyperThreading it was fine.

Ivy Bridge, 22 nm technology…

The processor installed in socket LGA 1155 (H2), theoretically it can be replaced by something more powerful. But information on these feats I have. Most likely, this “lame” (according to his contemporaries) of the processor was enough.

In the basic configuration there were only 4 gigabytes of RAM, PC3-12800 (1,600 MHz) DDR3 SDRAM. In an educational online store of its size, it was possible surcharge, increase to 8 or 16 Gigabytes. As argued by practitioners (those who supported these cars) when you use a school iMac on their purpose 4 Gigabytes enough.

Intel HD Graphics 4000, which took for their needs, or 512 Megabytes of RAM, General purpose (if the size was smaller than 8 Gigabytes), or 768 MB.

In the basic configuration included hard drive 500 GB (5 400 rpm) for 2013 is an anachronism. Cheap, reliable and slow. However, depending on what to do.

In our online shop you can choose one of two drives in the 1 Terabyte (5 400 rpm or 7 200 rpm), or Fusion Drive based on any of the three available disks. For a surcharge, how much it was worth in the educational store is unknown.

SATA III (6 GB/s).

Screen (spike of glass, multi-coatings and liquid-crystal display) is the same as “civilian” counterpart. 21.5 inch (54.6 cm) diagonal, 1920х1600, IPS and all that is necessary for happiness. Not Retina. You will not believe, but shy school iMac with Intel HD Graphics 4000 inside criticized for it. Often in the same line, separated by commas.

Intel HD Graphics 4000, however, without problems provided the connection to the iMac with two external displays with resolution up to 2560 x 1600 each, and it does not overheat. What to prohibitively demanding of the graphics subsystem of the game, alas.

And for professional video editing, it was not good.

To be continued

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