iMac (Mid 2014): it is not speed-bump

18 Jun 2014 Apple has placed in the online store the strangest update in its entire history. If I believed in conspiracy theories, I have decided that the Apple in something like them involved, and that this update is a signal to someone about something. The “green whistle in yellow polka dots”. Update – it’s great. As a rule, the subject of updates becomes a little better (and sometimes not slightly), but worth it as its predecessor. Computer media in the US is used for frivolous updates word speed-bump, in the ordinary language denoting a speed bump. They are so vain.

We reviewed a lot of updates, almost everything that happened before 2014, but this has never happened before. To the model range iMac added something that looks and name seems to be related to him, and even cost nearly as much. Only $ 200 cheaper than the previous cheapest option.

But even weirder, this product was given its own model ID, iMac14,4. In the model range iMac Sep 2013 before the advent of the mysterious items were iMac’and three models. iMac14,1 is iMac’and with a screen diagonal of 21.5” and with integrated graphics based on Intel Iris Pro 5200. iMac14,3 is iMac’and with the same diagonal, but with discrete graphics. iMac14,2 is “large” and iMac’, with a diagonal of 27” and discrete graphics.

And that – unknown to science beast, with its own place in the classification. As iMac14,1, the product was used only integrated graphics, but…

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Remember this anecdote? Flying two crows, one suddenly shouts, “Careful, in front of the barrier!”. Another she replies “no there is no barrier”. Offer updates like before us today to call it a resounding and even more informative term Speed-Baum.

For the crows the story is over, at least, physical damage (trauma, stress), and that’s what led to the emergence of a new iMac in the lineup can only guess. Apple does not publish data, even in classes she sold computers (desktop/laptops), not to mention the sales of specific models.

Someone from our American colleagues, with doubt in his voice (read between the lines) called iMac14,4 “iMac’Ohm for those who have a really bad budget”. He’s cheaper than 15% for almost all parameters – half of the normal iMac.


Just in case – call me for price this is Apple’s recommended price for the United States, excluding taxes and fees.

The only option iMac14,1 1 cost $ 299. For the money the client received the iMac 4-Core Intel Core i5 2.7 GHz (i5-4570R) with 4 MB cache in the third level and the frequency in turbo mode of 3.2 GHz. 8 GB PC3-12800 (1600 MHz) DDR3 SDRAM at checkout for $ 200, the amount of RAM can be increased to 16 Gigabytes.

Graphics are integrated, but one of the best in its class. It allowed more or less tolerable to play “limit” games. Intel Iris Pro 5200 with 128 Gigabytes own RAM “Crystalwell”, reserving for himself more and 1.5 Gigabytes of shared memory. For the Iris Pro 5200 no complaints (except its greed for memory) was not.

The drive capacity of 1 Terabyte.

iMac14,4 (Speed-Baum):

Price – $ 1099 processor 2-Core Intel Core i5 1.4 GHz (i5-4260U), cache third level 3 MB and frequency in turbo mode, 2.7 GHz. 8 GB PC3-12800 (1600 MHz) LPDDR3 SDRAM, without any possibility to order a larger volume.

Graphics two notches lower class – Intel HD Graphic 5000, reserving for their needs the same 1.5 GB of total RAM.

The drive capacity of 500 GB. It could, for a fee of $ 50 to replace the drive capacity of 1 Terabyte, for $ 250 you can install Fusion Drive with 128 Gigabytes of flash memory and a disk drive of 1 TB or 256 GB of flash memory.

In the model were not supported PCIe SSD.

Verdict: Apple has offered to buy about half of the iMac over 85% of the price of this iMac.

About Speed-Baum, only good

Let’s start with the fact that he though not essential, but cheaper than iMac14,1. In programs where you use one of the cores (single threaded), thanks to Turbo Boost 2.0, it’s almost not inferior to iMac14,1 (in 2014 we had such programs, they meet still, but for the average user it is… WAIT, remember only the good).

Externally, Speed-Baum did not differ from the usual iMac14,1 or iMac14,3. Premium screen, excellent speakers and microphones, the same keyboard, choice of Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad. Or both magic items, for a fee of 69 dollars.

In TDM mode, this is a good (reward!) additional monitor for MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

And with the Fusion Drive (1 for $ 349 without taxes and fees) it would be a good fit to work with Xcode almost perfect (compared to what I have now).

Well, the name (Speed-Baum) beautiful.

Destiny Speed-Baum

It is mysterious, like himself. Logically, it just wasn’t supposed to buy. Is that in the online educational store, with extra discounts for wholesale purchases.

Can be bought?

Or it was tested some fantastic and blissfully secret to complete its stealth technology?

Anyway, iMac Speed-Baum remained on sale till 13 Oct 2015.

To be continued

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