iMac Pro: the Invasion was scheduled for 14 December 2017

In June 2017 to iMac Pro in the media reacted in different ways. Enthusiastically, angrily and skeptically. The amount on the price tag outraged, effective cooling system and generally the idea of space all-in-one for professional needs inspired the skeptics. But the object of these emotions almost half a year remained inaccessible to researchers a mystery. Apple promised to release this unusual iMac before year’s end.

At the beginning of December 2017 someone catapulted into the media and forum fans and haters of Apple good news of the soon coming of the most powerful desktop Mac. In June he managed to wash all of his aluminum and plastic bones to make some verdicts, you can easily guess what. A variety of. Especially got the price tag: $ 5,000 for a minimum configuration! Apple from the very beginning knew about it, Phil Schiller said that competitors counterparts iMac Pro is even more expensive, they cost at least $ 7,000. Attempt to expose failed.

Enthusiasts gathered home-made from components used in the iMac Proby placing it in a standard low-cost housing. Components cost about 4 $ 700. Only $ 300 cheaper than the iMac Pro in a similar configuration. The commercial analogue of the iMac Pro could easily cost $ 7,000, Phil Schiller was telling the truth. About design, aesthetics and “space” tones the body, support macOS and other unimportant details, I say nothing. The exposure failed. He Pro iMac by that time no one ever, except for Apple employees, bound by vow of silence. 14 December 2017 it has changed.

Who will buy it?

The price shocked and aroused protest. This home is on form, as usual a pot of cactus on the windowsill for 5 thousand dollars? And that’s just the initial configuration! The most advanced “gaming computer,” wrote the indignant citizens – is not worth much! But, without informing the press, major companies and organisations from the fields of activity for which iMac Pro was officially intended, I have turned to Apple with suggestions on large purchases of. They were provided with test samples, so they can try new in the case. By the time Apple’s entered into with some of these organizations, contracts for the supply of tens of thousands of copies. With other negotiated (subject to discounts, service on special terms and guarantees).

Some comparisons: the Comparison of the iMac 5K and iMac Pro. Is it worth overpaying?

For expensive professional equipment is a very serious runs. 14 December 2017 to large customers joined the independent professionals. In the online Apple store and from the dealer now it was possible to order an iMac Pro with 8 – and 10-core processors, the supply of 14 – and 18-core variants was to begin in January 2018. Seriously affect the sales numbers for the holiday quarter of 2017 iMac Pro could not home computers sold hundreds of thousands and millions, but in their class they probably were Champions.

And iMac Pro bought laboratory publishers, repairmen and just curious. Among them was an Australian company iFixit, which pried up his dark gray body and came to the conclusion about the patient’s ability to upgrade. Apple T2, that during the autopsy, looked with curiosity from all sides, did not affect their verdict. And you would know that this soft to the touch chip, which was not in the scratch of which I wrote in the beginning of the article – a cruel and picky the warden, game-changing. In iFixit, getting to the showdown, hoping to revive the computer when it’s all over – they did.


If Apple get tired of her “fruit” name, because the company actually has nothing to do with agriculture, she ought to be called “Ecosystem Inc”, because almost all of the company, from smart watches from smart phones to desktops for professional use are part of the extensive organization of an incredible power that makes possible an absolutely fantastic interaction between the different devices. But this is not the only ecosystem created by Apple.

About education the Apple ecosystem I’m planning a separate article in the near future. In 2017, the 40-year-old company’s leadership in the field of education threatened Chromebook’and, the answer Apple has become, among other things, another ecosystem. Computers and tablets was a part of it, but she, like the mafia, tied it all into something much more serious and significant. What I remember about it now? iMac Pro, Apple has built into another ecosystem: repair and upgrades professional Macs now had the right to engage only certified service centers.

When I heard about it, users only smiled: to get to the slot processor or to the memory modules inside the iMac Pro is difficult, but over the 5 years of iMac with it has learned a great deal very much. 3 January, Apple reported that at the end of this month certified service centers of Apple around the world will get kits to upgrade the memory (operational and flash). And then in the case including Apple T2, and was not amused. Industry came to the conclusion that Apple is shooting itself in the foot, bursts.

Another ecosystem became a reality. In the end, this is another service, and for them Apple decided to shift the focus of its activities. People take clothes, and the company – the level of incomes and their dynamics. What other ecosystems will come up in Apple I don’t know. I hope they will be something good and interesting, the world has too many bad news, they’re fed up.

The expansion of the bridgehead

Squadron iMac’s in the hulls of color “space gray” successfully invaded the planet Earth. The invaders, looking around and reconnoiter the situation, started the second phase of the mission: they now tried to teach the natives to live on-new. Many were very unhappy with this. Besides, implants-officers engaged in General duties, began to fail. Expensive professional workstations, instead of returning the money invested in them, failed, diagnostics pointed to a mysterious problem with bridgeOS. New without it can not do.

In January, the first space Marines was joined by 14 – and 18-core options iMac Pro and Apple sinister T2, worthy of the pen of Stephen king, it soon penetrated into other forms of “Apple” of life. Judging by the reaction of the Apple on these horrors (they recognized bugs and is fairly quickly eliminated), it’s side effects. To include T2 in the Apple Mac and was not the horrors. On the contrary. How will it end?

This is a continuation of a series about the iMac Pro, the first part you can find at this link

To be continued…

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