Image leaked of a new US phone Redmi K20 in blue with front camera popup


Three days ago, the sub-brand Redmi subsidiary of Xiaomi posted a photo won’t the phone Redmi K20 red drop earrings. Now, here we are with a new image won’t be sticker phone upcoming flagship from the Chinese company, but this time showing us the phone Redmi K20 red and blue.

It seems that this picture was taken of the phone Redmi K20 in one of the museums in China, they don’t just show us the phone in blue and red, but it shows us also the advent of the phone with a front camera and emerge from the upper frame of the device, with the screen free from cutting or hole stretch frame that’s thin in all aspects except for the chin which seems to set some thing.

The picture also includes some of the key specifications of the phone Redmi K20, which include eight-core processor class Snapdragon 730, camera basic accurately 48 megapixels, battery capacity of 4000mAh. Returning to the previous reports, it sure also the coming of the phone Redmi K20 with three cameras at the back, and the ability to record video clips in slow motion at a rate of 960 frames per second, as well as the previous generation of sensor fingerprint built-in screen.

Regardless of the phone Redmi K20, it is expected that the company’s Redmi is also tomorrow, Tuesday, to May 28 detects the phone Redmi K20 Pro, but the latter would be more sophisticated due to it will damage the processor Snapdragon 855. According to the recent volatility, there are Redmi K20 Pro will be starting from 377 USD in China, this means that it will be cheaper by about 58 USD compared with the basic version of the phone Xiaomi Mi9.


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