Image leaked review us phone Moto Z3 Play with the extension 5G


We are assured of the Motorola company late last week she was going to dislodge the curtain officially about the phone Moto Z3 Play in the sixth day of June next. As we have made clear to you in the past week, the phone Moto Z3 Play Will be able to run extensions MotoMods old. In line with that, it has revealed to us a picture leaked out a new phone Moto Z3 Play Store will be compatible with the 5G development thanks to the extension MotoMod New which will be announced along with the phone.

The photo shows that this supplement would put the antenna required at the top of the file. And he says he can phone Moto Z3 Play of reaching speeds of up to 1Gbps because the season Qualcomm X12 user processor Snapdragon 636 can reach 600Mbps just. We hope to have this supplement is commonly used practically in the daily life of the average consumer, due to lack of applications and services that require speed of 1Gbps.

Returning to the previous leaks, it has revealed to us that the phone Moto Z3 Play Will screen Max Vision size of 6 inches and accurately +FullHD type AMOLED display protected with Gorilla Glass glass, and eight-core processor class Snapdragon 636, and the random size of 4GB, as well as an internal memory size of 32GB or 64GB expandable via external memory MicroSD.

Those leaks revealed to us also that the phone Moto Z3 Play Will feature a front camera accurately 8 megapixels and rear Double accurately 12 megapixels sensor basic note that these cameras support the development of Portrait Mode, and creative influences, and the possibility to leave only one color in the picture, as well as the possibility to replace the background behind the subject of the photo, as well as the possibility of scanning texts. Moreover, it has been said that that phone Moto Z3 Play will also feature a battery with a capacity of 3000mAh, which is still the card is relatively good, but there is an accessory Moto Mod currently under development will allow for this phone to increase the battery capacity. Apart from the battery, this phone will come as you can expect in advance with the Android Oreo.

When it comes to design, there are Moto Z3 Play will keep the design customizable. The change here is to change the position of the sensor fingerprint to the right side, this is probably due to the company’s desire to free up more space for the people through the removal of the main button the actual which generally comprises a sensor fingerprint.



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