Image leaked review won’t phone Motorola One Power with the screen fitted with


May be Motorola is about to add a new series of smart phones to its portfolio because today has been a leaked image of a new phone from the company supports the ” Motorola One Power “. There is currently no information about technical specifications, but these images give us a good idea of the design.

Will Motorola One Power the first phone from Motorola company featuring the piece in the middle top of the screen note that the latter will be skinny frame. As the name suggests, this phone will be part of the initiative Android One, which means that it will be running Android raw style phone Moto X4. As with the latter, the phone Motorola One Power also will be released initially in the United States of America, or at least that’s what it says in the source.

Returning to the leaked image, it reveals to us also that the phone Motorola One Power will put the company logo in the bottom frame of the company, dual camera in vertical position in the backend along with the sensor fingerprint.

Unfortunately there is nothing else known about the phone Motorola One Power, so we don’t know where they put it since we don’t know whether it will be mid-range or high-end. However, we hope to be officially announced for your phone Motorola One Power along with phone Moto Z3 Play in the sixth day of June next.


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