Images| Apple announces iPhone XS XS Max, I know specifications and price

Apple announced America, today, Wednesday, for a phone its the iPhone XS / iPhone XS iPhone XS Max / iTouch Max XS, which combines the design between the aluminum and glass style iPhone XR / iTouch XR, during a conference to reveal the iPhone, in the play of Steve Jobs at the police headquarters in the city of Cupertino in California.

Features iPhone XS / iTouch XS OLED screen measuring 5.8 inches with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels, processor and A12 Bionic which is characterized by strong performance, in addition to the random access memory capacity of 4 GB, with three options for storage 64/ 265/512 GB., the Also that the phone is waterproof, dust and more from iPhone XR / iTouch XR.

And Apple’s New Phone Dual Camera accuracy, 12 MP Camera, with front camera 7 MP, was provided with Apple cameras the characteristics of the art of refuse from the quality of the pictures, the phone also comes with a cargo-scanning fingerprint face ID.

And iPhone XS Max / iTouch Max XS specifications same but with a screen measuring 6.5 inches, accuracy, 2688 x 1242 pixels, the company will provide two phones in three colors are gray, silver and Gold, the starting price of the iPhone XS / iTouch XS of $ 999 (17892 pounds), but are the biggest starting price of 1099 $ (19679 pounds), and will become Apple’s pre-order them on September 14 next, to be shipped by the following week on September 21.

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