Images of protective covers reveal to us about the design of the phone platforms LG G7

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Flagship phone next buy LG currently known as LG G7 do his best to avoid the limelight, he is not ready to fully currently. However, this did not prevent the advent of more rumors about this device. Having said that, the company Olixar recently published a series of photos movie protective specially designed for LG G7.

These protective covers are designed by the company Olixar know us LG phone G7 inside her. As you notice, this image you know will not phone LG G7 screen with a cut in the middle part of the upper like many of the smart phones available in the market today, as well as dual camera in vertical position in the backend along with the sensor fingerprint. However, these leaks can not reveal to us whether the screen will be LCD or OLED, and there is also no information about the price.


It is worth mentioning that previous reports have stated that the flagship phone the next LG will carry the name of LG G7, and what this might mean saying goodbye series phones of LG G Series. Now, this phone is known only by the name of the symbolic Judy. And those same reports suggest that this phone will have a processor Snapdragon 845 of course, as well as 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, although the version Plus of this phone may arrive with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory.

Regardless of the internal components, it has reverb as well in the past and that phone is the upcoming flagship of LG will also feature a screen size of 6.1 inches and Width Height 18:9 has the ability to run content HDR10 as they enjoy a High Brightness up to 800 nits. The company LG is able to achieve this thanks to a new technology called the +MLCD, a technology that also reduce the rate of energy consumption by 35% compared with IPS technology LCD current.

It was also said that this phone will get me rear camera with double glass lenses and with the knowledge that this camera will have a sensor accurately 16 megapixels with a lens with 1.6. Regardless of camera, this phone will also be resistant to dust and water as he will get the certificate of the military when it comes to durability and hardness. Interestingly, also in this report is that it says that the phone LG next flagship will come with speakers and double. Other features include an artificial intelligence camera and support wireless charging technology.

Everything said Now is just speculation. It should be a formal unveiling of LG phone G7 or whatever his name sometime during the month of April or may, we will make sure everything in the room.


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