Imaging proved that dogs really do understand human speech

Dog owners surely at least once it seemed that their Pets understand the meaning of certain words. There is a high probability that these guesses were true — a study by researchers from Emory University have proved that dogs can associate words with specific objects. The results published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Neuroscience. In the process the scientists discovered an unexpected feature of dog treats.

The experiment involved 12 dogs of different breeds trained to sit inside of the tomography apparatus. The owners of the “good boys” were given the task for several months to teach them how to bring different subjects, hear their names. Dogs are easier to distinguish objects, one of them was soft and the other hard. When the dog brought the correct item, gave her a treat. The owners also were given an additional task — to say non-existent words, and to show previously unseen Pets items.

Months later the dogs were placed in the CT machine to study their brain activity when various kinds of items. The study yielded several interesting results. First, dogs do understand previously learned words referring to that the indicators of brain activity. Second, they almost instantly recognize unknown words — activity of the brain is greatly increased. Thirdly, different breeds of dogs aktiviziruyutsya different parts of the brain.

The researchers were surprised by the second result, because people have it all wrong — the human brain actively responds only to the familiar words, and a stranger is more calm. It is thought that dogs pay more attention to unfamiliar words because of the desire to please the owner or to treat.

Scientists interested in studying the thinking of dogs, but some of them think that they are smart and others are not. For example, recent studies proved the presence of the dogs feelings, but at the same time, scientists from the University of Exeter and Canterbury University announced that four-legged friends are not as smart as you think.

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