Immediate create a company solutions, payments, consumer goods companies

The company announced the immediate electronic payments Fawry for the founding of a new company, bearing the name of “immediate F. M. C. G.” solutions to the payments of consumer goods companies.

Signed a partnership contract with the company “my technology” link type “will play Paz” grant “immediate and F. M. C. G.”, to allow application of the goods and paying their value through the app.

Said Mohamed Okasha, managing director of Forever for the immediate in a statement issued by the company, the goal of the partnership is to provide specialized solutions for consumer goods companies and force them, where the platform enables an immediate F. M. C. G. collection mail in a payment different from the cash payment or credit card, or the governor of a mobile electronic banks.

The organization with the assistance of finance companies for microfinance in providing financing for through the study of sales volume for each dealer needs and which facilitates the decision making and the value of the funding, according to what he said to Akash.

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