Important dates in November to defeat the artificial humans

Back the beginning of March strong artificial intelligence AI to 1943, when he proved the neuroscientist Warren McCulloch, in conjunction with climate scientist Walter Bates, the possibility of simulation of human neurons using electronics, which paved the way for the manufacture of networks of artificial neurons of silicon.

A few years later, in 1950, described the world of Mathematics and computer and the code Alan Turing in a paper pioneered his concept of “the imitation game or simulation is” the imitation game, and how you can battle and provide machine Intelligence across a conversation with her, and did the machine already to the level of exercising of human intelligence.

However, we didn’t know the term “artificial intelligence” Artificial Intelligence AI only in 1956, was the Conference of Dartmouth College is the co-founder of artificial intelligence, which co-organized by computer world, the American John McCarthy, who is credited in the choice of this phrase and launch it on this science.

In 1973, adopted the British mathematician John Lite to facilitate, in a report that carries his name, on the financing of the project of artificial intelligence, which is the report submitted to the Government of the United Kingdom requesting to stop financing the project of artificial intelligence which did not achieve what is hoped of them.

In 1982, Japan has developed a huge plan to develop machines that can interact on a human level, using the “parallel computing massive” massively parallel computing, a project that I knew around the fifth to the computer 5th Generation Computing, however, the project was abandoned by 1990.

And in 1997 the news of the victory of the computer ultra “deep blue” Deep Blue, an IBM company, the World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov, in a match described by one expert even level, the news was a milestone enter the first round of competition between the human mind and artificial intelligence.

In 1999, the Company issued a NVIDIA Nvidia graphics processing unit “gives” GeForce256 Video Games, which provided the experience of cost-effective parallel processing, the use of the pioneers of deep learning Deep Learning, from the likes of Yan to be, the graphics processing unit that in the development of advanced algorithms for Machine Learning machine-learning.

In 2011, it turns out that machines are becoming smarter already, after its defeat two of the contestants in the Contest to public information, has enabled the computer system of artificial intelligence of the development of IBM, named Watson Watson, answer the questions that will be asked in the language of a natural system, which was developed specifically to answer the questions of the game show “jeopardy” Jeopardy, has won the system of the first prize of $ million dollars, the machine was outstanding so much so that the engineers data the ability to not freak out rivals with him!

In March of 2016, defeated the artificial humans again, after you beat the system The AlphaGo, from the development company Google Google, on “me -”, the world champion in a game of Go of great complexity and intelligence, prompting experts to acknowledge their inability to appreciate the capabilities of artificial intelligence, not to bet that this defeat could not occur before at least 10 years.

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