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نصائح هامة للشركات لإنشاء قصص Stories مميزة بمنصات التواصل الاجتماعي

It was the beginning with the application of Snapchat in 2013 when he put up chipset display vertical and fast is a combination of images and videos captured by users throughout the day and named the story Stories, Love users of the Snapchat network this format and attract more users.

After that, namely in 2016, the Facebook by feature stories presented to the wider audience on the application of the Instagram, and then in 2017 the launch of a feature story on Facebook in addition to messaging platforms WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Now refer to recent reports that the deployment of content via a feature story will be is an essential attribute forsocial media platforms in 2019, so that the via posts, the story grows at a rate 15 times faster than posts based on news feeds because of the presence of more than 1 million users of this feature on Facebook instead, WhatsApp and Snapchat, and for companies that rely on social media platforms to reach their customers, this provides new opportunities, but there are some real challenges.

Represent the story the other platform require attention and may not be this news is something that is welcome by commercial companies that are making great efforts to already manage content across social media channels and where that story require a combination of videos, images, and graphics.

But it’s hard to ignore the strength of its impact, the return potential of the investment, in other words may not be the adopted format story choice for commercial activities, it has become an essential requirement.

The following are some tips that can help companies that are looking to use the advantage of story over social media to publish content:

Reports have indicated recently that in 2019 you will need companies that seek to stay on the social media network to raise the level of deployment across the story Stories of their own, have started a lot of companies in the exploitation of now, this means the re-consideration of updates to social media that now refuses to static text, and considers the integration of video and graphics simple is essential.

1. invest in innovation Invest in creativity

Working Story best when they are integrated video, text and images together, though it seems easy with the development of the possibilities, but they often require technical expertise greater than those required by the tweets or publications via Facebook.

Example: the company realized the Tropicana Tropicana juice potential Stories Instagram high value to increase their brand awareness and sales among young people, and in one of the promotional campaigns conducted to collect videos of people mix the juice with the probability provided design stories illustrating the instructions back and invite users to “scroll up” to get access to the full result was: raised by 18 points in the interaction with the ad and an increase in purchase intention.

2. use a multimedia format to showcase products in action

The packaging of conventional home no little place in the world of the story, using successful brands instead of this multimedia format to show how the appropriate products for the customer, and by taking advantage of the customer who bought the product and encourage them to create and share different stories around the region, enabling companies to expand the scope of their arrival via the audience has made a purchase already.

An example of this: the company, Dr. Brandt cosmetics skin care using Stories Instagram to increase the number of follow-up to her where I got the brand now has nearly 80 thousand followers on the platform Instagram after they were about 30 thousand follow-up only at the end of 2016, and this by merging the photos and videos backup their products with presentations and tutorials on how to use the product through customers who have a purchase already in the content of the story, it has helped the brand achieve an increase of 500% in direct sales.

3 – let the users take center stage

Benefit story effective a key feature for many users is the desire to share their photos and videos and see themselves on the screen, instead of watching others only. I have found brands that have achieved success with the story to discover ways to produce high-quality content through the users and make the following “social capital” to enhance the credibility of the brand.

The gate Arab News Technical tips important for companies to create stories Stories featured social media platform

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