Important update pool 2Miners. What is personal success and why it is needed?

First we summed up the Oct for mining-pool 2Miners. The main new features are the e-mail notification, update miners Equihash 144.5, an increase in the minimum payments for some coins for the sake of the preservation of and superior to the Telegram-bot. Now the owners of farms there is another reason for joy — pool learned to display a measure of personal luck.

Mining. A game of probabilities

To understand the term consider the following example. For example, in the network there are two cryptocurrency miner. They work in solo, that is their own, and they have the same heraty. In a perfect world, rig owners will find the blocks in turn: the first unit will get the first miner, the second to the second, the third, the first, and so on.

However, the reality is otherwise. There are two miner with the same capacity can solve a different number of units for the same period. If a person finds a block faster than it should, in accordance with mathematical calculations, lucky him, that is his luck better at math. If slower — he was not lucky. This is good luck.

In an ideal world, an indicator of luck is 100 percent. This means that out of 50 units each miner in the example above will receive 25. All right: once power are the same, then their performance should be the same.

In practice the numbers will be different. The miners are the lucky gain less than 100% luck, while the unlucky get more than 100 percent. We conclude — less than 100 per cent very good, 100 percent — well, more than 100 percent — you’re unlucky.

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Personal fortune in the mining

Professional mining pools are always very nice site. It is possible to understand, how effective was the production of coins at a time. For example, look at the results of the work pool Bitcoin Gold.

The last 64 of the block was more successful than that would like a perfect world.

Now on the SOLO pools 2Miners not only has a luck pool as a whole, but also a personal fortune of each individual miner. Why SOLO? Whoever finds the block in this mode, will receive the award in its entirety. On the PPLNS reward is divided among the pool participants in accordance with the ratio of their capacities in General hestate, not performance, so in this sense is not.

How to monitor personal success in Solo-mining

The indicators are shown on the page of the miner. To view, enter your wallet address into the search bar in the upper part of the site 2Miners and see all the relevant data. Personal fortune is bottom right. Its value will increase, until we find a block.

View luck of the previous blocks (the story of your good luck) happens after clicking on the rewards tab.

Personal fortune is also displayed in the email notification and in the Telegram-bot @Pool2MinersBot. To configure notifications by e-mail, go to the appropriate tab on the statistics page address. When the block will see how your personal luck and the luck of the pool.

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