Improved battery life after updating to iOS 12 (part I)

In spite of the improvements, stability and performance in addition to the new features is the main goal of every update. However, after each update abound the complaint because of the battery, and it drains the battery significantly and claims that this update failed it seems his remorse and sorrow at the update. Looking for solutions here and there and perhaps trying to refer to the previous version. Although there was praise from some users after yesterday’s update that didn’t make the battery bad but we in this article we will mention the main reason behind this problem in each update, we will provide several ways to work to avoid battery drain, especially in iOS 12 please follow in the case of development or travel, proceed with us.

تحسين عمر البطارية بعد التحديث إلى iOS 12 (الجزء الأول)

The most important reasons for the battery drain after each update, is to explore the new update, everyone would like to see new features, perhaps a long time of exploration shows the phone works for a long time, this undoubtedly gives you a feeling that this update is not in favor of the battery.

Considering Apple is worried about its users from the problem of battery drain throughout the day, therefore the inclusion of new solutions in the iOS update 12 to help lengthen the time between each charge. And those tips which will involve clever tricks with some of the settings that we can control it and customize it.

Don’t use all the tips because it means you eat about the advantages; the use of Stop feature you don’t need

Listen to the tips your phone

In the Battery section, you will find statistics and suggestions. Offering you tips on how to reduce the battery consumption. For example, might suggest an iPhone to the brightness high and therefore dim the screen to save battery power.

Watch for your daily use through new graphs

Apple is offering in iOS 12 new tools to conserve battery which is about the schemes illustrate in detail the use of the battery in addition to the activity of the battery throughout the day for ten days. So that you can know the number of times of use of the iPhone and how it affects battery life overall with the passage of time. In the section of the battery watch your usage through charts. Click on any place in the planners to get a more detailed presentation of the data of the battery.

Display battery usage by app

Instead of graphs, you can view the battery data by each application individually. In this section you can see which apps are consuming more battery. Is displayed the ratio of app consumption from the battery throughout the day or throughout the ten days, so you can use caution when you use those applications, especially in travel.

Use the night mode or dark when needed

You can use this mode to save the battery when the emergency where that black color especially on OLED screens saves energy by 100% because of non-run pixels. To run this mode go to Settings > Accessibility > facilities screen > then do the opposite of intelligent.

Use audio only FaceTime calls collective

Lets you FaceTime collective control with 31 people at one time. Despite the fact that Apple have developed a great system to keep the 32 point on the screen at the same time. There is no doubt that the use of the camera the length of time the chat is draining the battery, if possible use audio only to conserve battery power.

Disable dynamic backgrounds

Do not run dynamic backgrounds animated backgrounds that move through the prolonged pressure on them by using 3D Touch. It using the backgrounds fixed.

Disable notifications unneeded

One of the most possible in iOS 12 is the system notices the flour. You can turn notifications off unnecessary through the settings or through prolonged pressure on the stuff using the 3D Touch and then click on the three dots and select close or close all notifications.

Turn off suggestions to Siri

Gained suggestions Siri more interest in the iOS system 12, but that reflected its effect on the battery, you can disable those suggestions by way of the Settings > Siri and and customise the settings as you want.

Reducing the use of the property Money Water-Muji

The use of those private nurses in iOS 12 very enjoyable but does not have a major impact on the battery, so their use is not recommended in travel.

Set the lamp on the lower level

If you used the lamp heavily, it should be set to the low level, because the default settings be on the highest level.

Run the assistant Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Assist

Assistant feature Wi-Fi you download connect to the internet automatically to cellular data in the case of weak Wi-Fi signal to ensure the continuation of the internet.

Instead of that the machine work at maximum capacity in an attempt to get a good network, says the switch to cellular data automatically, thereby relieving the pressure on the battery.

Disable widget

The widget tool is very important and can not dispense with his presence for some applications but disable it in the case of development or travel prolongs the life of your battery especially if you modify the widget your weather or maps. To modify the widget: drag to the right or to the left depending on the language and when you show you have the screen widget, drag to the top and then edit or Edit – then click on the red mark next to the widget to be removed.

Put your phone on his face.

Always keep the phone and the top, in this case when it comes to stuff light up the screen, thus draining the battery. Other than if I put it on his face if he came to the notice of the art light up the screen, thus saving battery.

Turn off ” Hey Siri”

These actresses that I love, they are useful to me, saying “Hey Siri, call blunted by the sky” when the hands are busy. But this feature remains working all the time and monitors your orders at the expense of the battery. Vince stop it when necessary.

Still there are tips to help prolong the life of the battery especially in the case of development and magic, we will mention it later.

If you suffer from the problem of battery drain your phone after the update to iOS 12 feed in the comments and we will try to develop solutions.



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