In 2020, Russia will impose duties on all Internet purchases in foreign stores

The Federal customs service is planning by 2020 to reset the threshold duty-free import of goods to Russia. Currently allowed duty-free import of goods valued under 1000 euros and weighing up to 31 kg per month, and if the threshold is exceeded will be charged a fee of 30%.

According to”Vedomosti”, the FCS has already sent to the Ministry of Finance proposal to impose a duty on Internet purchases of any value. However, this issue still requires consideration. Your opinions with colleagues from TASS shared by the head of the Department of customs and tax policy of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Sazanov. He finds it necessary to discuss different options, and to navigate to them until 2020:

“If it goes smoothly, then we can talk about further reduction. If we see any problems, then, of course, the first tuning information system, it is necessary to educate people, to increase the number of people”

From 1 July 2018, the threshold duty-free import of goods to Russia will decrease from €1,000 to €500 per month, but this is only the first step on the way to the reset threshold. According to the Customs code of the EAEU, the 2019 participating countries of the EAEU have to lower the threshold to €500, and from 2020 up to €200. It is only the upper threshold, therefore, may impose even greater restriction.

Thus, the Deputy head of the FCS of Timur Maximov noted that the need for equal conditions for Russian and foreign e-Commerce. He believes that reducing the threshold to €200 will not have a major impact, as 95% of parcels, according to “Mail of Russia” are estimated at between €30, it is also necessary to reduce customs duties to 20% and to introduce the condition “not less than €1 for 1 kg”.

Thus, by 2020, to buy goods in China will become not so profitable with the introduction of the duty at 20% on any online purchase. For example, when buying a smartphone in 10 thousand rubles, the fee is 2000 rubles.

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According to TASS

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