In a surprise move, Apple launches a game of “ Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard ” on the iOS platform

Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard

While the iTunes store the App Store is full of games, not development of any of them almost by Apple. However, it seems that in the past few days, Apple launch the game launched with the name “ Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard ”. This game focuses on what it looks like on one of the investors of Apple adults, which American billionaire Warren Buffett.

Detected, the game abruptly in the annual meeting of the company Berkshire Hathaway in the city of Omaha, Nebraska where the American appeared CEO of Apple. The gameplay system used in this new game quite similar to the gameplay system used in Paperboy, where centered the idea around the neighborhood to deliver newspapers. Given that one of the functions of Warren Buffett first when he was a kid was delivering newspapers, the game commends it very much.

According to describe the game, it says : ” Do you think you can throw a newspaper like the myth of Warren Buffett is? Test your skills in extrusion press as you make your way from the streets of Omaha, Nebraska to Cupertino, California. Avoid the cars and birds and you deliver health buildings near and far. You will find anyone who is enough of Warren Bucks for the Paper Wizard is? Probably not. “

The best part about this game is that it is free 100 percent. There are no ads, and content within them are to buy, and no hidden charges. If it looked like a toy suitable for you, find the iTunes Store App Store and downloaded from there.


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