In altcoins soon shall flow of “smart money.” It can bring a tenfold profit

This year the stock market has formed a trend of growth of the index of dominance of Bitcoin. Recall, this metric characterizes the proportion of main cryptocurrencies in total market capitalization of the industry. Now the index of dominance is kept at 65 percent. In other words, most of the market takes BTC.

The rapid growth of Bitcoin over the last months very bad impact on the prices of the altcoins. While BTC only “strangling” the rest of the projects, money from the capitalization of which shimmer in the capitalization of Bitcoin. However, soon, this process may turn in the opposite direction. Some analysts suggest that the smart money will soon flow in Alta where you can make dozens of x’s in just a couple of days.

Will there be new here?

In the discussion thread of cryptocurrency on Reddit, one anonymous has left a pretty interesting comment.

Smart people will start to diversify into other coins with low price. For example, in ETH, VET, KIN, XRP and LINK. Bulls and whales know to at least ten of the x’s can be very easily. They know that some tokens can give even a hundred x’s. It often happens in the stock market.

Between digital assets and traditional markets, there is virtually no correlation. Start date “of the season altcoins” is determined only by the behavior of the main cryptocurrency. We will remind, earlier we already wrote about the need criteria for growth violas.

While all of them — except in rare instances — are in free fall. According to The cryptanalyst Crypto Dog, soon we will see the opposite process. He argues that in the near future, the total capitalization of violas can take off at least 50 percent.

The schedule of capitalization of altcoins went into the growing wedge. This figure technical analysis is bullish, but the last time a similar formation on this chart led to an enormous increase in prices of cryptocurrencies.

Holders altcoins will be able to earn their x’s in the next few months. And each of them has the potential to multiply your capital by one hundred. For this you need to search for coins with huge growth potential in the medium term. To invest in the best projects, be sure to subscribe to our cryptcat of cryptological!


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