In America propose to use human corpses as fertilizer

Let’s start with what “reflow”. It’s a service that offers a new start-up Recompose, namely, to bring the body to the ground. But not in the usual sense — to be buried, and it turns a corpse into the ground. Through a process of “organic decay” of the human remains will turn into soil. Reflow will be offered as an alternative to cremation and conventional burial. How much do you think the money already collected this startup?

What does a startup Recompose

Recompose is a company founded by Katrina spade, with the aim of offering the public “a natural organic decay.” In the future the startup plans to extend its services wherever you are, ahem, bury people. I mean, everywhere. Because for many death is a particularly spiritual event.

“The transformation of the man into the soil occurs within our reusable, hexagonal vessels for re-Assembly. When the process is over, families can take home a part of the newly created soil, and they themselves will remind us that life is interrelated,” according to the website startup.

To Recompose the people and the environment placed above profit.

According to the creators, the current burial practices harmful to the environment and, in some cases, psychologically not bring satisfaction. Some of these practices are carried out because of the historic agreement, partly because funeral customs. Every year in the US die of 2.7 million people, most of whom are buried in a regular cemetery or cremated, throwing into the atmosphere carbon dioxide and derivatives. These methods consume valuable urban land, pollute the soil and air, contribute to climate change.

As the arrangement changes it all? Turning human remains into the soil, the startup plans to minimise waste, avoid pollution of groundwater embalming fluid and prevent carbon dioxide emissions from cremation, the production of caskets, tombstones and monuments.

Allowing organic processes to transform the bodies loved ones (deceased, of course) into a useful fertilizer for the soil, it would be possible to strengthen our relationships with natural cycles and enrich the earth.

Do you like this idea? The startup has already attracted more than six million dollars of funding. Please share your opinion in our chat in Telegram.

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