In an innovative way.. WhatsApp protects you from harmful links

The team developed special application WhatsApp is owned by Facebook The number of updates this year, but they didn’t write that it seems we will continue to see the application moving continuously. Added new application WhatsApp is the possibility to identify the harmful links and protect you from them.

And how to work the water that you’ll find it soon in the update WhatsApp, the application when the uncertainty in the link warns you to put a red marker and write “Suspicious Link”, which indicates that the link is suspicious, also when you open the link it is possible to find WhatsApp warn you that it probably directs you to a site on the opposite of what it seems in an attempt to protect the user.

Despite the advent of this feature only WhatsApp will be you you the freedom to update and open the link than it means that you will be alerted only and will not be blocking the link completely, in addition the bond will be sent to the servers, your boss according to the Company, this feature will work through the phone.

The company has not released till now about the quality of the sites aach slap as suspicious, is the development for to the news source gas reliable? Or is development when you send links to hack the only known available sites, proximity in this area? Or new sites which are used for the same purpose? Certainly, the answer to this question should be a priority.

Suspicious links probably weren’t the focus of attention to safety was recently, during the financial period confirmed a number of reports that WhatsApp don’t direct contact crimes are committed in India where according to these reports, sanctions used WhatsApp during the murders to different people.

In response to this news has decided to WhatsApp by doing a number of updates including the Delete feature enables a person to know the time the message is sent as a copy, not written, according to the report is not verified till now. In addition, WhatsApp with Indian company specialized in monitoring the news of the gas the fact to try to end it.

Also possible to the next to develop Messaging which relates to the number of users billion users, it will add a feature soon that allows managers to communities only to send messages. What is your opinion on recent amendments to the watts? Did they improve your experience? We have participated.

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