In Android will appear native support for sensors, face recognition

Native support for sensors, face recognition can appear in the Android in the foreseeable future. This is evidenced by the Android Open Source contents, indirectly confirming the plans by Google for the development of a new method of identification. Support system of face recognition technology will allow manufacturers of smartphones do not waste time writing software that enables the scanner operation, focusing on something abstract.

Despite the fact that the reference found in the code of AOSP, does not guarantee the advent of smartphones with face detection function, it shows the clear interest of the industry new technology. It is possible that Google has some secret knowledge and thus prepares a proprietary OS to a massive influx of devices with three-dimensional sensors to identify users from their faces.

However, as reported by Reuters, the first smartphone with the scanner face recognition will appear on the market no earlier than 2019. At the moment, none of the producers of the first echelon does not have access to appropriate technology. For this reason, there is every reason to believe that the first Android smartphone with 3D sensors that identify will be a jubilee Galaxy S10, the release of which is scheduled just for the spring of next year.

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