In Canada found the mummified body of a 50 000-year-old the wolf and the deer

In the Cultural center of the canadian town of Dawson city exhibited the mummified remains of a wolf and a reindeer that lived 50 000 years ago. They were discovered in 2016 mining companies and transferred to the researchers.

Thanks to mummification, the wolf remains well preserved up to the hair, skin, and muscle tissue. Reindeer survived worse — only his front half of his torso.

As far as we know, this is the only mummified wolf of the ice age ever found in the world,” said state paleontologist Grant Zazula (Grant Zazula).

According to the palaeontologist, on the North-West of Canada are often found fossils of the Ice age, but the mummified body is a rarity. The deer was found in the area, consisting of 80 000-year-old volcanic ash. The body of a wolf was discovered a month later in the same area.

According to the Canadian Press, animal DNA will help to study their diet and to specify the conditions of the environment of Canada during the Ice age.

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