In Canada limit the supply of electricity to miners

Government of Quebec plan to introduce a moratorium on the sale of electricity to miners, reports Cointelegraph. Governments do not want to “miss the departing train”, so take in your hands the turnover of mining in the country.

Ban mining in Quebec

Energy Minister Pierre Moreau is going to introduce new regulatory standards for mining cryptocurrency. In particular, the government now prohibits the sale of electricity to large miners with lots of hardware.

Public utility Hydro-Québec has received over a hundred applications from organizations, the total power consumption of which exceeds ten terawatts. In a Hydro-Québec hydroelectric power plants is 60 60 with a total capacity of 13 terawatts.

Previously the CEO of the company Eric Martel stated that the projected allocation of the capacity for miners would amount to no more than 5 terawatts in the next five years. The planned moratorium on the sale of electricity, allows Hydro-Québec to cut the delivery of electricity to the miners in the busiest hours to the canadian power grid.

In March, the government of Quebec has expressed its position on the mining of cryptocurrencies. Government plan to reduce rates or increase the supply of energy to the detriment of the country. Incidentally, we have a similar situation. Rosseti not plan to raise electricity prices for owners of farms.

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