In China almost fell off the plane due to the fact that the pilot decided to smoke vaping

As reported by South China Morning Post, the pilot of the airline Air China accidentally depressurized the aircraft and dropped it almost seven kilometers, because we decided… to smoke your vaping. For this, he just turned off the ventilation system. Brilliant: because the salon will not pull smoke. However, in the aircraft fell to the level of oxygen, depressurization, yelled scoreboard security and dropped oxygen masks. It was fun, if it were not so sad.

Of the Chinese airline Air China with 153 passengers on Board flew from Hong Kong to Dalian on 10 July. The Board successfully took off, gained altitude and headed for a destination, but after half an hour of the flight the co-pilot wanted to smoke your vaping. Obviously, on Board Smoking is prohibited, however, the pilot decided that he is the rules don’t apply. Turning off the ventilation system so that smoke did not go into the cabin, he also reported this to the commander of the ship.

After depressurization of the cabin in just ten minutes, the plane fell into the abyss six and a half miles at the peak. When the pilots figured out what was happening, they asked the terrified passengers to fasten the seat belt, turned on the air conditioning system and returned the ship to normal height. No one was hurt.

Now the airline and the state authorities carry out a full scan. All nine crew members have already been questioned, and confiscated the black boxes. If the data on Smoking are confirmed, the pilot will respond in accordance with not the soft Chinese laws. In addition, experts have questioned the decision to continue the flight after the incident, because in the case of repeated depressurization oxygen masks cannot be reused.

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