In China arrested the organizers of the tote, which gathered $ 1.5 million in Bitcoin rates

Today in Russia will end with the main sport event of the year — the world championship of 2018. It seems that this event has nothing to cryptocurrency, but there is a connection. In China, the police arrested the organizers of the illegal online bookmakers who took bets on football with bitcoin and in total collected about $ 1.5 million. This writes NewsBTC.

The Chinese authorities against the cryptocurrency. A new stage of struggle

The investigation was conducted in Guangdong province: police have arrested 540 suspects in the scheme, which represented 20 different criminal gangs.

Part of the money the fraudsters were able to spend or cash: the government froze their accounts of only $ 5 million in RMB and $ 1.4 million in the cryptocurrency.

Police blocked 70 mobile apps and websites with illegal bookmakers, as well as 230 groups in social networks and messengers through which the suspects promoted the sweepstakes. In just eight months, rates have made 330 thousand users.

Bookmakers are banned in China. Limited to a first government introduced the 50-ies of the last century, and operations with digital money became illegal last year.

Let’s hope that in the near future, China will lift the ban at least from cryptocurrency transactions. If this happens, the market will take off, because by 2017 the national currency of the country had up to 90 percent of all operations with Bitcoin.

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