In China found 421 fake cryptocurrency

This week the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) has launched a fake ICO. According to the regulator, the project should help investors to detect signs of fraud and avoid losing your money. This experience will be useful to the Chinese in the country 421 have found the fake coin. This writes

How to invest in bitcoin and not lose everything

Data are presented subordinate to the government of China, the national Council of experts on technology of financial security on the Internet (IFCERT). However, 60 percent of the coins issued by foreign companies.

In recent years, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether, are under scrutiny. Technology also attracts fraudsters: they are pyramid schemes that are disguised as cryptocurrency. Such projects make investors to bear heavy losses.

In IFCERT called three markers, which can distinguish fake coins from the real. First, the fraudsters use the business model of a financial pyramid — promise investors a return on investment in the case that they will not sell or barter tokens.

In addition, these coins are no real code — they don’t use blockchain, and transactions with them do not fall into blocks. The third difference — tokens are not traded on stock exchanges or are represented only on the OTC markets.

Over the counter platforms the price of coins is set to private individuals or companies. This allows you to create the illusion that the coin is in demand.

Let’s hope that warnings from the SEC and IFCERT will be enough — investors will cease to lose money, laying out in fraudulent ICO and tokens.

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