In early September, the Federal space Agency will start looking for new astronauts for future missions

In connection with the growing interest in space exploration leading aerospace Agency regularly recruiting new astronauts in its ranks. And recently it became known that the domestic Corporation “Roscosmos” will join the ranks of space explorers very soon: in early September of this year.

This statement was made by the Executive Director of the Russian space Agency for manned programs, Sergei Krikalev in the framework of the exhibition “803 days in orbit of the Earth.” The fact is that now set in astronauts is fairly rare, but Roskosmos wants to slightly change the strategy: the company will recruit less people, but the sets will be more frequent.

At the same time Mr. Krikalev said that this decision due to the fact that in the process the previous set, the Russian space Agency realized that in order to guarantee enough trained people, you need to maintain a certain number of professionally trained astronauts.

“It is always better to take small quantities, but often. This strategy was developed with the following set will try to use it.”

During the upcoming recruitment Corporation “Roscosmos” should take 6 to 8 people who will join the ranks of the Russian cosmonauts. However, during his speech, Sergei Krikalev said that officially set in the cosmonaut has not yet begun.

“No, officially, the next set in the cosmonaut detachment to be announced. It needs to be declared soon. The fact that the cosmonaut will start training in the very first days of September, then we will begin to organize a new set.”

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