In Ethereum can receive fixed fees. How will receive the miners?

Acne Buterin proposes to abandon the current model of the auction for a fee in Ethereum in favour of fixed remuneration. Vitalik notes that this method of operation will suit the majority of the public block chain, including Ethereum. This writes the Trust Nodes.

New changes in Ethereum

Proposal Vitalik is to escape from the volatile commissions and replace them with a Protocol that will establish the fee at a fixed level. The cost of the transaction will fluctuate depending on the use of the last block.

If the last block was half full, the Commission will remain unchanged. If it was full only on the tenth part, is to reduce the reward by 10 percent. Similarly, if the unit is filled to 90 per cent of the fee will increase by 10 percent.

The miners would pay determination§ongoing Commission for byte, gas or some other unit (depending on the blockchain). Payment will be sent to the General Fund, and then evenly distributed among the miners.

It is unknown who and how will set the size of the Commission.

We will replace the auction fixed price with the exception of periods when the blocks are empty or rather full — then you will need to wait until the price will not change. We get rid of the inconvenience of the auction system and the volatility of the size of the commissions. In addition, the Commission calculation will become very simple.

According to Buterin, he already has a General idea of calculating awards to miners.

With each block, the miner gets a reward of 1/N (for example, 1/10000) of the remaining money in the Fund (their number does not depend on the transactions included in the block). Thus, it is possible to create a mechanism similar to a permanent reward for the block (1/N of money from the Fund). It will allow us to solve the problem of instability of the block chain with the auction model for allocation of awards.

The result for each block miners will start to get a fixed “fee”. In theory it works, but in practice such a scenario is very difficult to achieve. Need to find someone who will install Commission and will adapt it to changing conditions of the stock market.

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