In finding the bottom: when will the correction Ethereum and who provoked it?

Nobody likes when his portfolio is fading away. Unfortunately, the holders of Ethereum just go through the painful process of “correction” of its own assets.

A sharp drop in prices cause not just frustration but real anger — on the Internet rumors about a possible manipulationassociated with the exchange BitMEX and personally by its Creator Arthur Hayes. I found the Ethereum his bottom? This tried to deal NullTX.

What’s wrong with Ethereum

This month second in terms of capitalization, the cryptocurrency has set a new record price — 171 dollar for one coin. It seems that the market is still under the influence of the news of the manipulation on the stock exchange BitMEX.

Its CEO Arthur Hayes, too, is not enthusiastic about the project Vitalik Buterin. Not everyone will allow themselves to openly name the Ethereum “shitkino” that you want to short sell. So Hayes recently described the cryptocurrency chat BitMEX. Sharp Arthur’s words immediately caused a storm of indignation from some Twitter users.

He Buterin seem to not pay any attention to the attacks on the part of Hayes. In Ethereum Foundation is now in full swing hard work team coins actively preparing for the transition to PoS and hard forks Constantinople.

Reverse schedule Ethereum is insanely oversold. An ongoing fight between Large Whales and ICO for a huge chunk of the market. The price is testing the level near $ 166. Weekly candle does not close below, as followed by a strong rebound.

What’s next? A couple of days ago, many “analysts” loudly screamed about the collapse of the Ethereum below hundreds of dollars. Today put everything in its place — the cryptocurrency has increased by 21 percent in just one day. It is unknown whether it was a short rebound before further drop or Ethereum still be able to gain a foothold above $ 200.


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