In Germany began testing the first unmanned tram

Looks like Germany is seriously thinking about becoming one of the first countries in which in the transport sector, introducing advanced technology. Recently we wrote you about the fact that Germany has launched train running on hydrogen fuel, and today it became known that thanks to the joint work of Siemens Mobility and operator of passenger transport ViP Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam, on the road German town of Potsdam released the first self-driving tram.

Moreover, in this case, it is noteworthy that the driverless tram is being tested in real urban traffic, not on the special ground. Unmanned aerial tram was established on the basis of the car Combino, which set multiple lidars, cameras, and radar. Using these devices, the tram can be a three-dimensional map of the surrounding space, to monitor the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, to navigate by road signs and instructions of traffic lights. Also the tram can easily recognize bus shelters and he makes the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers.

The length of the route for testing is 6 kilometers and at the moment to be safe in the cab of the tram is a train conductor. But a few days of testing any emergency situation happened and human intervention is not required. In case of successful tests, the number of unmanned trams on the streets of Germany could grow, because the calculations of some specialists, the use of driverless trams will reduce maintenance costs, reduce the interval between the arrival of the trams and to reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

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