In Google Chrome 70 is fixed function, not any users

In early September , the release of Google Chrome browser 69 with the interface Material Design, password generator and a “smart” search string. A couple of weeks later it turned out that the developers have omitted important innovation. When you sign in on any Google service, the updated browser automatically logs in to your account and sinhroniziruete browsing history and other data. Many users do not want to be sent to the server, so the feature was heavily criticized. It seems that the company admitted the mistake and are ready to fix it.

According to SlashGear, in the final version of Google Chrome 70 the company will allow you to turn off automatic authorization. This can be done in the settings section “Privacy and security”.

The developers will add in the interface connection indicator to visually show the status of the synchronization. Also the browser will completely remove session cookies — still they preserved to facilitate re-authorization. When they are deleted, the browser will automatically withdraw from your account.

In his blog, the company has reassured users that the automatic sign-in does not imply the submission of history, extensions and other data on the server. For this to happen, users need to enable synchronization.

According to the grocery Manager Chrome Zach Koch, the company has added a feature to prevent confusion when using a browser by multiple people. According to the developers, a photograph of an authorized user at the top right in the corner reminds people to re-login under your name.

The release of Google Chrome 70 will be held in mid-October, but the exact date is still unknown.

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