In Google Chrome for Android will be a new feature, which will deprive the iOS version

Despite the ideological confrontation between iOS and Android, all the apps that Google has released for those operating systems, has always had a comparable set of functions. So the search giant has stressed the importance of both platforms, not expressing your preference for one of them. But it seems that the situation is gradually changing, and direct proof – an update that Google have planned for version of Android-proprietary browser Chrome.

According to the official developer blog, Google is preparing to equip Chrome for Android the mechanism of protection against attacks such as drive-by download. They are in automatic download of malware to your device, which subsequently can lead to unwanted activities, collecting data about the user, and performing other destructive actions. Usually such attacks are carried out during the demonstration of the ads.

Block ads in Chrome

According to the developers, only a very small number of ads require downloading files. So innovation will not be a big problem for advertisers. Another thing — the safety of the users, which after introduction of a protection mechanism against drive-by download will increase very significantly. Now to initiate the download of components will have to click on the banner itself. The browser will perceive this action as consent to the download and allow it.

To implement similar functionality in Google Chrome for iOS will not work due to limitations of the WebKit engine. It lies at the basis of the iOS version of the browser, ensuring that it is working. However, given the overall level of security of the mobile OS from Apple, the lack of a mechanism blocking attacks drive-by download should not be a big problem for iOS users who, obviously, so feel in complete safety.

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