In hardware crypto KeepKey found a serious vulnerability

In the blog of one of the largest kryptomere Kraken there was a post on the serious lack of all hardware wallets Keepkey. The division of safety research, U.S. markets have found a way to hack led-phrase of purses of this type. Recall, sid is the phrase-code in the form of random words, which allows owners to recover their cryptocurrency wallets. In this case, anyone who gains access to sid, can usurp stored on the balance of coins.

Experts from Kraken say that in my wallet there is a problem with microcontrollers. In General, if an attacker gains physical access to the crypto, it will be able to use specialized equipment to read the encrypted seeds. However, this thief first have to crack the pin of the wallet using a brute-force software that is method of password guessing.

Hacker. Source: 2Биткоина

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At the moment we know that the problem is inherent in all wallets KeepKey. It cannot be solved in software, so the company will have to replace all devices fixed models. Here is a quote of the representatives of the exchange.

Accordingly, it makes the problem virtually unsolvable. Apparently, users simply will later need to purchase an updated and more secure model.

The problem of hardware wallets

Representatives Keepkey to the nines smashed the statements of experts the Kraken, stating the irrelevance of the information. The manufacturer via the official Twitter shared two articles on the same issue. One of them was published by the exchange ShapeShift, which uses Keepkey as the primary purse.

In June the trading platform wrote that Keepkey will help protect customer funds against the most common attacks, whether it be viruses, malware or hackers that try to steal private keys. However, products KeepKey, like all other manufacturers of wallets, are vulnerable to physical attacks.

Wallet Ledger. Source: Bitcoinist

If someone else gets physical access to your device, and will also have the time, skills and the tools necessary — he will always be able to use the device the way you want, bypassing any digital protection measures. But again, this problem is inherent in any hardware wallet.

One of the main competitors Keepkey — Ledger — reacted similarly to the problem of malware, faced her purses are Nano’s still in 2018. Representatives DocDroid wrote that attackers can modify the firmware Ledger and replace the addresses of the recipients on their own. After that, the firm acknowledged that it is a universal and widespread problem.

Malware always have the power to change what you see on the computer screen. And the only protection against this is to provide users with the ability to cross-check the transactions on the screen of the physical device.

How to avoid theft of cryptocurrency?

Senior security officer at Ledger Charles Gilmet said that hackers can guess the secret phrase purses Keepkey in less than a minute. Helmet recommends to use a phrase of at least 32 characters, consisting of a unique combination of numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters.

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Hacker. Source: 2Биткоина

Thus, even if an attacker retrieve data from your hardware wallet, it would still never be able to unlock them. Your pin and secret phrase will enable you to save money.

Conclusion: your hardware wallets need to be stored away from people. Ideally, do not tell me that keep the cryptocurrency, and even more so on a special device. Safety is just more important than the surprise of a man who learns about your "advancement" and appreciate it.

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