In Instagram there was a tool to download your personal data

About two weeks ago, the Instagram developers have promisedthat it will offer users a tool to download the personal data that they had ever shared. In the night from 24 to 25 April, the promise was fulfilled and the social network has a corresponding function.

The emergence of Instagram tool to download the personal data is the response of the service on the scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. The opportunity once to access all of your files should give social network users a sense of confidence that the service knows more about them than they let him.

At the time of publication, the tool download personal data are guaranteed to be available only in the web version of Instagram. The proliferation of updates to mobile applications is still ongoing, and therefore the option to download a copy of the personal content from social networks are not all users.

Data download is carried out not simultaneously. Want to get all your information from a social network should send the appropriate application by clicking on this linkwhere you must enter your e-mail address. It within 48 hours will receive a link to download personal materials.

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