In Intel, AMD and ARM new vulnerability found

Experts of such companies as Google and Microsoft have revealed another vulnerability in processors Intel, AMD and ARM are fundamentally similar to the Spectre, reports The Verge. The gap, called the Speculative Store Bypass (variant 4) uses the speculative execution of commands, and its elimination may reduce the performance of vulnerable devices.

Speculative Store Bypass, like Spectre, enables the malicious applications running on the device to access separate memory locations and thus read sensitive information. Such may include credit card data, logins and passwords to access different sites and services and browsers ‘ history.

According to representatives of Intel, they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. Bug-fix preventing the exploitation of the vulnerability will be available in the near future. Thus, according to Leslie Culbertson, head of security for Intel, the company will try to avoid noticeable performance degradation waiting for him at the level of 2-8%.

It is important to understand, however, that the decline of computing power will manifest not in all scenarios. Practice has shownthat noticing the decline would be possible, for example, when compiling the kernel XNU, the package archive is unpacked Xcode 9.2 and when referring to the syscall interface and implementation of getpid in libsystem_kernel.dylib.

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