In Intel found a serious vulnerability. Again

Not so long ago there was a story with a critical vulnerability in Intel processors during which the Corporation even refused to release a patch for its processors. But some time ago, processors world-famous company was again in the spotlight. This time experts from Google and Microsoft discovered the error, whose correction may lead to a significant slowdown in the operation of the devices.

As the press service of Intel, back in November of last year in the framework of the programme for coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities (Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure) Microsoft officials said the manufacturer of the processors on the new vulnerability. A little later a similar statement was received from Google. New “hole” in the security structure is similar to the Spectre and Meltdown that, giving the hacker access to the core memory of the processor, gave the opportunity to get their hands on passwords and other sensitive information.

A new vulnerability has received the name of Speculative Store Bypass (variant 4), and for Chrome, Edge, and Mozilla has already released patches, partly decisive for this issue. After browser updates from Microsoft, many users began to complain about the shutdown and reboot their PC. For the final corrective action will need to update the firmware of chips. For this is already being tested and its release is scheduled for “the coming weeks”. However, the inclusion of protection against new vulnerabilities reduces the processor performance on 2-8% and in some cases up to 10%. Therefore, many users may be faced with a choice: endanger your personal data, or to less efficient processor.

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