In iOS 12.2 was a reference to the new Apple and bundled subscription

Apple is preparing to introduce a new service that will work within the Apple News. It will be called Apple News and Magazines will be distributed exclusively by subscription, offering users the possibility of registration of a subscription to certain magazines. This was announced by the developer Guilherme Rambo with a link to the first beta of iOS 12.2, which found mention of new services, as well as screenshots of the subscription.

As we found out Rambo, tool subscribe to Apple News Magazines will be associated with your Apple ID, allowing you to renew your subscription when it ends and cancel it by analogy with Apple Music. However, it is still not clear whether Apple’s proposed subscription model to cover all the magazines available in Apple News, or the users have to apply for a paid subscription for each edition separately.

Batch subscription

Interestingly, Rambo stresses that the study of iOS 12.2 he found mention of a certain “package” subscription. Unfortunately, the update did not contain any explanation as to how it will work this element of the operating system. It is not excluded that thus in Cupertino want to combine several services – Apple Music, iCloud, Apple News Magazines – one and allow users to pay for them to a single account at a discount.

Earlier this year, Tim cook gave an interview to CNBC in which he promisedthat Apple is preparing to introduce several new services. Presumably, there will be at least two: one Apple News Magazines, while the second Apple Video. But if the first more or less clear, the second would be to provide a platform to distribute films and TV series, many of which Apple hopes to remove itself as well, as do Amazon and Netflix.

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