In iOS and Android.. new amendments to the comments of the YouTube

May be the comments on the YouTube dark in particular, earlier this year, the organization has discontinued the comments on the videos your children after discovering a disturbing amount of comments of the children, there is a lot of hate speech also, now testing YouTube change can save comments on mobile apps to other places, in applications iOS and Android current on YouTube, users cannot scroll through the video and share buttons recommended content to get to the comments section.

As reported by XDA Developers for the first time, some users of the Android watch now see a new button at the top of the page, to view the comments users must click this button which opens a new window, it is not clear whether the motive YouTube is to hide the comments, by putting them on another page where the product can prevent people from looking at them, or, on the other hand, since most users are forced to scroll a bit before watching the comments on their mobile app, can the button at the top of the page down easier.

The statement of the officials of YouTube

YouTube تُدخل تعديلات على التعليقات في iOS و AndroidThe YouTube modifications to the comments in the iOS and Android

Confirmed Google Test in a statement submitted to the website Engadget, but the company did not clarify whether this was an attempt to hide comments or not, in a statement provided to Engadget said a spokesman for YouTube: “We always invent ways to help people find your videos most important to them and watch them and share them and interact with them more easily, we select some different options about how to display comments on the Watch page, This is one of the many small experiments that we know it all the time on YouTube, and we will put the features on a wider scale based on the comments on these experiences”.

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